Topeekeegee Yugnee Park in Hollywood Florida

The park is a successful large combination of campsite, nature park with lake, and water park with pools and water slides. There is even a pedal boat rental in the park.

The camping site of the park is very clean and each parking area has its own concrete surface with charcoal grill for the patio side of the motorhome. Unfortunately, the campground part of the park is adjacent to  a major road and a railway line.

If you stay in the period between May and October you will notice inside the motorhome little of the traffic noise, because of the constant hum of  your air conditioning.

Advantageous is the 5 km close location to the beach. The park has numerous walkways through nature and offers a 3 km long walk around the lake. There are even tennis courts that you can use.

In August 2018, I paid about $ 30 for a campsite per night, and as a camper you get 50% off the water park entry fee, which was $ 4.25. Unfortunate, the water park is only open on weekends and until 17:20.

The park is closing at 7:00 PM in August and the entrance gate is closed after that time. If you arrive between 7:00 PM and midnight you should use the exit gate as entrance, so you drive against the arrows. Then you have to look for the security guy who usually runs his rounds in a vehicle, about every 20 minutes. The security guy then assigns a campsite and you can pay the next morning in the office building at the entrance. If you arrive after midnight, both gates are closed, then you should stop in front of a gate and make light flashers with your beam light until a security guy is aware of it and lets you in.

On the campground, the cam site number 16 is the best to have a beautiful view of the lake and a reasonably private terrace, see photo: