My electrical Bicycle

My 350W Folding Electric E-Bike goes always with me. It fits perfect in the hitch-rack of my RV and becomes very handy to take shorter or longer rides.
In fact mostly I have two of those bikes with me in case a friend likes to join me on a tour.  The lithium battery last easy 50 miles with pedaling support. But you can ride the bike also just by throttle, just like a motorcycle, but silent.

If you are interested in adding an electrical bike to your gear then please check directly with the seller, ask for Laura and “mention the RV-Fox-discount” (mostly a small present):

Link: Green Bike USA


The Bike Hitch Mount Rack I am using it holding the bikes perfect in place and the bikes are easy to load and unload.

This is the type I am using:

In the past I used a cover purchased at a Walmart store but it was very fin material and not fully waterproof. Now I got a new cover from Amazon, which a high rating, and I agree that it has a much better fit, stronger fabrics and better water proofing: