Winnebago Trend Improvements

List of improvements I have performed on my 2016 Winnebago Trend:

  1. Generator Muffler – By factory the generator has just a straight pipe as muffler and no silencer/resonator. I don’t understand why Winnebago cut’s short on such a simple, low cost and effective item, it makes a huge difference in sound pollution. A simple $50 item: Cummins 1552449 RV Generator Part  Someone demonstrated the sound-differences in this Video.
  2. Water Pressure Tank – There is no pressure tank installed and that makes sense for weight and size, but there are special small accumulator pressure tanks for RV’s available and they make a huge difference in how frequent the pump cycles on/off, creating less stress of the pressure switch and less nervous noise from the pump. Again, Winnebago should install that by default, it’s mostly only items for around $50: SHURFLO 182-200 Pre-Pressurized Accumulator Tank with the install kit: SHURFLO 94-591-01 Pump Silencing Kit
  3. Solar Panel and 110 Volt Power Inverter – See me dedicated page for this install.
  4. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube – The build-in main TV  is not a smart TV. Adding a smart box with 12 Volt support was a bit of research. I found that the Roku 3 Streaming Media Player (2014 model) is running perfectly fine on 12 Volt. Cutting into the 12 Volt feed from the TV and splitting it out to the Roku 3 Box was easy. I mounted the box with Velcro tape behind the TV and connected it with a short 1 Foot HDMI Cable to the TV. The install is complete hidden and the Roku 3 remote control does not need line of sight because it operates in HF and as a bonus: For wireless sound it has a headphone jack in the remote, how cool is that!
  5. GPS – Navigation – The build-in GPS in the cockpit did not satisfy me in terms of ease of operation and accuracy in navigation. I wanted my iPhone or iPad with Google Maps to be my main GPS device and the problem to solve was ‘how to mount it in a comfortable and safe place’. After research I found this iOttie Mount Holder for Phone or Pad and I am using it now for a long time.  It never came loose and sits perfect with it’s telescope arm extended into nearly full length. It also fits my iPhone 8 with the A-TION Battery Case attached for all the extra power needed for all day navigation without any charging wires. I position the phone or tablet over the air-jet-outlet in the cockpit to additionally cooling it while driving.
  6. Bicycle Rack – The hitch receiver supports only 200 pound lifting weight and I wanted electrical bikes for longer and easier commuting: Link to my bicycle solution